White Cedar Medical Cannabis Doctors

Free of Charge Medical Cannabis Clinic in Toronto and Across Ontario

White Cedar Medical Cannabis Doctors offers specialized healthcare services to patients for whom medical cannabis–also known as medical marijuana–may be an appropriate treatment option. Our fully integrated clinics in Toronto, North York, Brantford, Kingston and across Ontario, offer comprehensive medical cannabis assessment and education services for eligible patients. 

Patients in Canada can now get safe and legal access to cannabis oil, capsules and dried cannabis product through a doctor’s authorization under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).


All physician assessments are covered by OHIP and are free of charge to the patient.

If you believe cannabis may be right for you, please connect with us by having your physician complete our referral package. If your physician is unable to complete our referral package, please contact our Intake department to request accommodation.

Please note we are not a marijuana dispensary.

Our Process


A Healthcare Practitioner must complete our Referral Form and submit all required supporting documentation. Patients unable to obtain a referral should contact us directly.

Once all documentation has been received, patients will be contacted by our intake team for pre-assessment and appointment booking.



Patients are assessed by qualified physicians in order to determine if medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment option for their medical condition and symptoms.


All patients who are issued medical documents by the assessing physician will receive complimentary access to specialized cannabis education services offered by GrowWise Health, a medical cannabis education service. GrowWise Health Patient Educators provide patients with expert guidance on all matters related to their medical cannabis treatment in order to achieve optimal therapeutic effects and improve their quality of life.

Click here for more information about GrowWise Health Patient Education  services and the GrowWise Health education blog can be found here.



Referring physicians will be provided with a detailed Consultation Note and follow-up Progress Notes, per CPSO recommendations. Referring physicians will also receive a comprehensive education service summary from GrowWise Health.